No unity and equality in an unequal society

THE debate on racism will not ease racial tensions.

Some of the people in our racially divided society are calling for a debate on racism. The fact of the matter is that the white minority owns most of the economy and the black majority less than 10percent.

Non-racialism can only be achieved through the transfer of the economy from the hands of the few white to the black majority.

We live in a country of "haves" and "have-nots" - so we cannot expect unity and equality in an unequal society.

Non-racialism will be achieved on the day when we focus less on human rights and focus more on economic rights. Ngugi wa Thiong'o wrote: "The African has always fought for a better political and economic position in his own country."

Political power without economic power is meaningless.

Chumile Sali, Tygerberg Hospital