Appointment of Simelane is unfortunate

I JUST want to add my voice to those of other South Africans and express my concern about the appointment of Menzi Simelane as head of the National Prosecuting Authority.

I must indicate that I am not questioning his skills and experience, but these should not be the only basis on which you appoint a person to such an influential position.

The appointment of Simelane is an indictment of black people in general. What are we saying? That the integrity of an individual and his conduct should not be used as the basis for such key appointments?

We need to understand that the application of the law leaves room for the one applying it to use it, at times, at their own discretion.

I ask myself how Simelane will be able to apply his mind in deciding cases for prosecution when his conduct during the Pikoli inquiry showed he lacked integrity.

The appointment of Simelane is unfortunate.

We do have men and women of integrity who can be appointed to that position.

Whoever appointed him must know that the black people of this country, especially black professionals, still care about their integrity.

Please stop making appointments that mock the gains we have made in advancing the black cause.

The last thing we need is to be classified as another African basket case. And the appointment of Simelane will not make the NPA any stronger but will surely weaken it.

To me it looks more like someone was looking for a sycophant and not for an independent thinker.

Matela Mthwalo, Matlosana