my ex-lover lied to protect vuyo

JUST after 8am yesterday, TV personality Vuyo Mbuli drove into Mondeor police station in Johannesburg. After parking his Porsche, he disappeared into the building with his lawyers, who had been waiting for him.

Mbuli was there to meet the investigating officer handling his alleged assault case - laid against him on Tuesday by Pat Legwabe, who claimed he had found Mbuli with his girlfriend in her bedroom.

About five hours later, Mbuli emerged victorious from the Johannesburg magistrate's court, saying he had been vindicated.

The prosecutor had declined to prosecute him.

In an ironic twist Legwabe, who accused Mbuli of assault, shared the back seat of a police car with Mbuli to court after he too was charged with assault. This after his former girlfriend, Thabisa Nyamakazi, also accused him of assaulting her.

The charge was later dropped.

A visibly happy Mbuli said: "When we arrived in court, the prosecutor looked at the docket and said he would not prosecute because there was no evidence.

"I said before (on Tuesday) that I will be cleared before I say anything," Mbuli said.

Nyamakazi accused Legwabe of being a pathetic liar.

"He threw the vase on the floor and stepped on it intentionally, but now he goes around telling lies," she said.

Nyamakazi, who said she was also injured, accused Legwabe of trying to extort money from Mbuli.

"While we were at the police station, he asked Mbuli for R13000 but Mbuli's lawyer said he should not pay," she said.

When asked about the attempted extortion, Mbuli said: "I do not want to get into graphic details because they break my heart."

But Legwabe refuted the claims that he wanted money from Mbuli.

"If I wanted money, I would sue him for more. I just want to know how long have they been doing it behind my back," he said.

He said he was disappointed that the case against Mbuli was dropped.

"I heard about it on radio, I was never told anything. I will consult my lawyer about the matter," he said.

Legwabe said Nyamakazi had laid an assault charge against him to protect Mbuli.

"She was retaliating to protect Vuyo, that is why the charge against me was also dropped," he said.

Police spokesperson Inspector Lorraine van Emmerik confirmed that the cases against Mbuli and Legwabe had been closed.