A must-have book for exam students

AS A student, the book was relevant in every aspect of my academic life.

Every sentence made sense and elevates my thinking.

Braimoh Bello clearly outlines the principles of excellence, which can be applied in any sphere of life, in simple and easy-to-understand language.

His first step towards the journey is explaining to every student why they should excel. These are recognition, satisfaction, confidence, self-assurance and dating.

"Academic excellence is not a position to be fought for; rather, it is the continual development of one's intellectual ability and skills to a level which brings recognition and personal satisfaction," says Bello.

This definition shifts from the conventional thinking that you only excel when you are on top of your class.

But Bello does not promote mediocrity.

In Chapter 4, he further explains that something can not be achieved immediately but over time. So he advises that students get accessible mentors when things get tough.

The book also teaches about setting clearly defined goals and then devices a strategy on how to achieve them.

Bello is able to use his personal experience as a student to give guidance on time management.

He also gives tips on how to manage stress - one of the biggest challenges during exam time.