Workers want councillor out

MORE than 200 workers at the Musina municipality in Limpopo have downed tools demanding the dismissal of the municipal manager.

The workers, who are members of the South African Municipal Workers Union and the Independent Municipal Allied and Trade Union, stopped working on Monday.

They are accusing Abram Luruli of awarding tenders to friends while the municipality is allegedly in financial trouble. The workers report for work, and only stage sit-ins in the municipal buildings.

Upon arrival at his office yesterday, Luruli allegedly found a threatening letter underneath the door.

The letter has since been given to the police for investigation.

Samwu chairperson Ali Sematla yesterday accused Luruli of dragging the municipality deep into financial trouble. He said Luruli was incompetent and the workers wanted a new person in his position. "We are sick and tired of the lack of service delivery in our municipality."

Sematla further accused Luruli of being involved in corruption, failure to buy safety equipment for the municipal employees, failure to fill vacant positions that were advertised in December last year and failure to repair cars and tractors.

Luruli was also accused of awarding a R2million tender to a former employee of the council, who is allegedly a friend, to do performance management assessments for appraisals of managers as per human resources policies.

The tender was allegedly awarded six months before it was advertised.

Slabby Consultants was allegedly given the tender despite the fact that the owner was at the time in the employ of the municipality. Luruli allegedly advised the owner to resign so he could award him the tender.

Since the strike, services at the institution have come to a complete halt.

As a temporary measure, the municipality has employed local residents to render services to allow the community to buy water and electricity.

"As for us we will continue with the action to put more pressure for Luruli to leave," Sematla said.

Municipal spokesperson Wilson Dzebu said the protesters must produce proof of the allegations.