Ncobo test amateurish

I WRITE this letter as a concerned polygraphist of 13 years experience.

Let me from the beginning indicate that the manner in which Premier Soccer League general manager Ace Ncobo's polygraph test was handled was too amateurish and questions the integrity and professional conduct of the examiner.

I have had an opportunity to look at the snippets of the charts on and, having analysed the conduct before and after the test, some questions came to mind.

Firstly, the environment was not conducive. The room must be cleared of everything.

Secondly, the components were attached incorrectly (all of them). Thirdly, the questions were wrongly constructed and, lastly, for now the charts were a disaster to even make a call.

However, the examinee said the test was inconclusive (that means he can't make a call). The inconclusive outcome is as a result of the incompetence of the examiner because you either pass or fail.

I challenge the media and the polygraphist to allow me an opportunity to view those charts and debate them in public, because private polygraphists are undermining the rights of citizens through this exercise.

I don't know why Ncobo resigned then or maybe he knows what we don't know.

Abbey Matlala, Sunnyside