Reveller stoned to death in tavern fight

POLICE in Ritavi nearTzaneen have arrested three suspects who allegedly stoned a 30-year-old man to death.

Two of the suspects were arrested on Sunday shortly after the incident, while the third suspect, a 30-year-old man, was arrested yesterday morning.

The incident happened at a shebeen at Khujwana village near NkowaNkowa in Limpopo on Sunday.

The suspects are alleged to have attacked the man with stones after he had stabbed two of them. This was after the three had allegedly teamed up and tried to attack him.

This followed an argument that started inside the shebeen.

The three allegedly grabbed and dragged the man for about 200m from the shebeen where the fight started.

The suspects and the victim started to wrestle, and in the process one of them was stabbed in the head and hand and the other sustained knife wounds to the hand.

After realising that the victim was too strong for them they allegedly started stoning him until he succumbed.

Police spokesperson Inspector Seth Magadzi said after the man was hit over the head he started bleeding profusely through the mouth, nose and ears.

He was taken to Letaba Hospital where he was certified dead a few hours after admission.

Magadzi told Sowetan that the motive for the incident had not yet been established but that police investigations were in progress.

According to Magadzi the suspects are expected to appear in the Ritavi magistrate's court soon to face a charge of murder.

Magadzi also said the name of the dead man would be released once his next-of-kin had been notified.

"We are very much disturbed about the many criminal activities which occur after people had consumed liquor at shebeens in the Ritavi area, which open until very late," Magadzi said.