TV show uncovers the truth

THERE is no doubt that Special Assignment is one of the most effective investigative shows on television as far as uncovering the truth is concerned.

Followers of the show will be happy to learn that the show will today screen a selection of the best episodes previously shown.

Here are the episodes that will be revisited:

Hellhole - a devastating indictment of the dehumanising conditions in Zimbabwe prisons.

The show also returns to a prison in Bangkok, Thailand (Time of the Farang), where several South Africans are incarcerated for drug trafficking - some since 1994 - and provides an update on the fate of a young woman who was allegedly tricked into becoming a drug mule.

On the home front we return to Baby Michael, who was so severely abused by his parents that he was rendered quadriplegic before he was six months old.

We also re-examine the devastating effects of tik addiction ( Dik Getik ) on generations of families in Western Cape.

Special Assignment will also return to the small town of Danielskuil (Fighting for Breath) where asthma is choking the life out of the community, allegedly due to the toxic effects of a nearby mine.

Further underground the show digs deeper into the gold rush that has caused the deaths of many illegal miners.

On the subject of illegal acts, this time committed by law enforcers themselves, they again turn to illegal speed camera law enforcement in Johannesburg .

Describing South Africa as a sex predator's paradise, the show covers yet another sex scandal to hit the small Karoo town of Beaufort West (Perverts of the Karoo).

Then there are the Zimbabwean children (Migrant Children) allegedly molested in a Johannesburg church where they sought refuge.