Zuma needs smart advisers

EITHER President Jacob Zuma is ill-advised or he does not check his speeches before reading them.

Thabo Mbeki did his own research, surfed the Internet, wrote his speeches and quoted accurately. He was more knowledgeable than his ministers in many subjects .

In his maiden State of the Nation Address, Zuma said he would create 500000 jobs yearly, but did not explain that these are not quality or decent jobs. Now, he has conceded that he was out of touch with reality.

Mortality rates quoted by Zuma are puzzling many experts, but thrills him and pharmaceutical companies. He should have checked the statistics or his advisers should have triple checked them.

Now, he becomes a mampara because he is fed information and accepts it.

That is why bureaucrats such as Joel Netshitenzhe should have been retained.

Last year at an ANC rally in Soweto, Zuma said he would build separate schools for pregnant teens, away from their homes. He did not consider that this violates human rights and is not practical.

He became a laughing stock and big mampara. What are Zizi Kodwa, Vusi Mona and Mac Maharaj doing around the president as he makes flop after flop?

Please, Mr President, surround yourself with able advisers like Madiba and Mbeki who had Netshitenzhe, Jakes Gerwel, Mojanku Gumbi, Ayanda Ntsaluba, Tony Crew and Alan Hirsch.

Precious Maleka,UKZN medical school