GILL Marcus, the new Reserve Bank governor, has won the hearts of both communists and capitalists but there is one battle she is losing - the fashion stakes.

Most observers have strong opinions about her look, which is uninspiring by all accounts. Her collection of "tent dresses" make her look frumpy and outdated.

Stylists believe she also needs to upgrade her "farmer's wife hairstyle", spruce up her make-up and add a few accessories. A classic A-line skirt suit, with one-inch pointed heels will do wonders for Madam Governor.

Asiphe Ndlela, a psychologist, says it's often said female politicians or leaders have to walk a fine line of presenting themselves as attractive and well-groomed because people love a leader who's easy on the eyes, but not too sexy.

This is because a woman's sexuality is still feared, probably because of the implied power she has upon those attracted to her.

Award-winning style icon and founder of Diamond Face Couture, Uyanda Mbuli, does not think Marcus' focus should be on being fashionable and stylish but she should be presentable as the person who holds such a powerful position.

"Style is an extension of one's personality and it can not be imposed on someone."

Another fashion icon, JJ Schoeman, says Marcus needs to be "a little glamorous".

He says she needs new glasses with a more sophisticated look and more accessories.

"She has a beautiful neckline and a beautiful rectangular face that could be even more beautiful if she can put make-up and a beautiful, nice and big beady necklace."

This was always going to be a huge challenge for Marcus, especially stepping into the shoes of Tito Mboweni, one of South Africa's best dressed men.