Eleanor Kasrils was true patriot

ANOTHER spear has fallen, according to President Jacob Zuma, on the passing of ANC stalwart and freedom fighter Eleanor Kasrils of a stroke at age 73.

The nation has lost a courageous woman and a true South African hero. Her quiet fight for equality sounded the bells of freedom for millions. She demonstrated with humility, dignity, commitment and resolve the power of an ordinary person, working with others, to do extraordinary things.

While Eleanor was indeed remarkable, her legacy is also about collective action, willed risk, intentional plans and mass movement. Her legacy is the story of actions taken in the face of great risk to effect change.

Determining our rights as human beings, the cause to which she gave her life, will not be forgotten. Her courageous spirit and principled convictions, such a rare value in this quiet, politically correct, unprincipled, commodity-driven world, should both sadden and challenge us.

Courage in the face of oppression, resistance in the face of injustice. That is the enduring legacy of Eleanor Kasrils. She was a courageous woman who did what she believed was fair and right. She is a testament to the power of one individual willing to fight for their beliefs.

We all owe her a debt of gratitude for her contribution to freedom and justice. Truly, her actions changed the course of history.

Thank you, Eleanor Kasrils, for being an architect of our freedom. You did so much, for so many, for so little.

Farouk Araie, Benoni