Catch crooks without mayhem

AS MUCH as all good citizens are against crime and very happy with all the apprehending of criminals and at times their unfortunate deaths by police, we can't overemphasise the importance of individual safety, particularly of theinnocent.

Comrade Fikile Mbalula's reckless comments that police must continue to shoot to kill is putting the country literally on a war path. Bullets flying all over and hitting and killing anyone in the way are ridiculous, annoying and greatlyirresponsible.

One definitely doubts the true merits of the man made a deputy minister of a ministry as important as the police, particularly when looking at his record as ANC Youth League leader where he championed irresponsibility and ignorance.

We fully support our police and appreciate the immense work they put into guaranteeing our safety, but we can't have "trigger-happy" police shooting dead three-year-old children, or ministers and commissioners preaching and promoting such behaviour. Mbalula and friends should know that their utterances only show them up as power mongers.

With great projects like 2010 coming and the republic's continuing developmental status globally, one cannot emphasise responsibility and true leadership enough, from both leaders and society at large. As we continue to support one another in fighting criminals and their evil deeds tooth and nail, let us also bear in mind that to weed out crime, we don't have to create a country of free-flying bullets.

Dollars Boloka, Pretoria