Stop shooting innocent people

I NOW fully agree with Kader Asmal's sentiments that if Deputy Minister of Police Fikile Mbalula becomes general secretary of the ANC he hopes he will be dead.

Mbalula is a loose cannon.

How can you say the police must "shoot to kill" while innocent victims are the targets of police brutality and murder.

A family has lost a child of three and he tells us that it is inevitable that innocent victims will be caught in the crossfire.

What are police trained for? Are they trained to kill innocent people or to protect the innocent from criminal elements?

When Police Commissioner Bheki Cele defended the country's president and himself the phrase "shoot to kill" came from the media and not the government. Was he lying to the nation?

To me it looks as if it is government policy to shoot innocent people.

This is not the only recent incident. There was another in Tshwane in which unarmed and innocent people were shot by police who said they believed the car they had opened fire on had been hijacked.

What is the difference between the apartheid government and our democratically elected government if they are going to go around shooting at innocent people?

Is this a continuation of apartheid government in a different form?

Mbalula, you must grow up and start acting responsibly, like a minister.

Vuyisile Wauchope, Azapo Deputy Secretary for Youth, Johannesburg