Jail classroom sex predators

ONE "fatherless" child is one too many.

ONE "fatherless" child is one too many.

Even a family with both a mother and a father will tell you that bringing up a child can be a complex and gut-wrenching experience.

Some parents are battling to provide food, education, shelter and other necessities for a good upbringing.

Many mothers in such hopeless situations shed tears often and blame themselves for producing kids they cannot cater for.

They include young girls and grown-up women who have been forced into sexual acts by poverty and ignorance.

These people are victims of rogues who view women as sex objects and nothing else.

Yet we have some teachers who are determined to turn our schools into their private harems.

The South African Council of Educators says 78 such unprincipled teachers were dismissed last year.

Others like them are still in the system, riding on the ignorance and desperate situations people find themselves in.

The negative impact of these sexually abusive teachers are too serious on pupils, and society, for them to be allowed in our midst.

Purging these sorry excuse for educators from the system is not enough.

Like a Young Communist League official said yesterday: "Every child has the right to education and that will not be compromised by education practitioners that have no sense of respect for children and the law."

How right. Throw these animals in jail and throw the key away.