Benni is just an opportunist and not a superstar

BENNI McCarthy's boastful talk during the press conference in preparation for the friendly games against Japan and Jamaica is utter rubbish.

Though he sounded very remorseful about his unpatriotic tendencies and behaviour against the country, this boy is pompous and takes the whole nation for granted.

If he really is sorry, why did it take him so long to realise he was wrong? And what is it that he is sorry for?

McCarthy is an opportunist just like coach Carlos Parreira, who takes advantage of the frustrations and shambles our national football is in.

He has played his cards very well and realised how desperate South Africans are.

He is aware of SA players' potential gap created during the total exit of the Class of '96 players compared with the current national team players.

I find McCarthy's utterances very provocative and divisive to the national team in that it undermines the integrity and plethora of talent in the country.

McCarthy's utterances might in the long run destroy the harmony and tranquility of our soccer .

The fact that some sectors of society, especially those that command senior political positions in the country and disgruntled ex-Bafana players, made a courtesy call to have McCarthy back in the national squad does not make the Blackburn striker a superstar.

McCarthy must just know that he is not more special than other players in the national team. He should also know that soccer is very dynamic and the goal scoring record he's bragging about might be changed any time soon and that would not guarantee him a place in the national squad.

Humphrey Mutangwa, Polokwane