Vavi is a true hypocrite

ACCORDING to media reports Cosatu general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi has received a 100percent salary increment. If this is true then he is a hypocrite.

As far as I know Cosatu is not a profit-making organisation and relies on the members' contributions.

And the labour federation has lost - and continues to lose - membership because of job losses. How does Vavi justify a three-digit salary increment under these circumstances?

It is said that the Cosatu general secretary actually gave himself the increment.

Does this mean Vavi accounts to no one but himself?

This raises questions about the leadership of the labour federation: Is Sdumo Dlamini in control?

Vavi has been very vocal and critical of Cabinet ministers, including the great communist Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande, who have bought new cars in excess of a million rand.

The labour federation questioned the intelligence of doing so when the country is in a recession.

Vavi also criticised the executive members of companies such as Eskom who paid themselves huge bonuses when their companies have registered losses. Now the same Vavi has given himself a huge salary increment. Is that OK?

If that is true, it is clear that the labour federation general secretary is not serving the interest of the working class as he claims to be. It's a relief that he is serving his last term.

Thabile Mange, Kagiso