'I was unfairly dismissed'

A DISTRAUGHT man has accused the management of Coca-Cola Fortune in Polokwane of an unfair labour practice for dismissing him "without reason".

Albert Thoka, 45, has been working for the company since December last year as a truck driver.

He claimed he was "unfairly" sacked after he raised questions about his employment conditions.

He said he worked as a casual labourer but was allegedly promised full-time employment before his dismissal on November 3.

"I had just come back from making deliveries in Mpumalanga and was expecting to sign an employment contract when I got the shock of my life," Thoka said.

He said he was called into the company's office and given a letter terminating his employment. "This was the last thing I would have expected, especially after devoting most of my time doing my best to impress management," he said.

The company's logistics manager, Graik van Breda, said Thoka left of his own accord to look for another job.