Eskom is not a party issue

LACK of leadership, competence and political understanding from the ANC will destroy the country.

Politics should be kept away from the operation of corporations.

What does the likes of ANC Youth League president Julius Malema understand about the King I and II report on Corporate Governance or Sarbane-Oxley?

Ironically the Black Management Forum, which I thought would understand the logistics of running a corporation, is an accomplice.

Certainly the ANC's leadership is at its weakest level as portrayed by the way the Youth League president is allowed carte blanche without any discipline.

He will soon drive prospective investors away and destroy the country with his myopia.

That is why educated leaders are a calculated risk.

One observes that all characteristics and principles of good governance such as transparency, accountability, (social) responsibility, independency and discipline are being flouted by the ANC.

Certainly Eskom does not owe the ANC any explanation but the government which is made up of a multiparty union.

Thus the ANC should stop meddling in the leadership of corporations because it is not their territory. Secondly, they do not have the know-how and, thirdly, they are biased towards race despite incompetence.

The board of directors should receive support from the stakeholders of the organisation because this will ensure independence.

With the country struggling to secure direct investments as a result of high crime rates, high unemployment, fraud and corruption, and members of the ruling party being at the centre of all huge court cases for various offences, the issue at Eskom might encourage investors to look elsewhere.

Phillimon Mnisi, Johannesburg