Horror from grave

IMAGINE unveiling a tombstone and find a picture of a stranger inscribed instead of your loved one. Shocking is not?

IMAGINE unveiling a tombstone and find a picture of a stranger inscribed instead of your loved one. Shocking is not?

Dipuo Bopape of Tshwane was almost paralysed by shock at the weekend when she discovered that an image of a stranger was crafted on her mother's tombstone instead of her mother.

Bopape said she curses the day she employed the services of Vyfster Grafstene Tombstones, which now operates from an unidentifiable plot in Ondertepoort near Rosslyn in Tshwane.

Bopape said she does not know what she did wrong to deserve such horrendous treatment from Vyfster Grafstene.

Two years ago she saw a tombstone manufactured by Vyfster Grafstene when a friend had invited her to attend a tombstone unveiling of a relative. She decided to use their service because of the quality of their work,.

"In February last year I managed to save some money to erect a tombstone to honor the beautiful woman and a mother she was," Bopape said.

On the February 15 she set out to Vyfster Grafstene Tombstone and bought a tomb for her mother and was delighted when they told her they will erect it on the last week of March.

Bopape said she paid R7250 which was the full purchase amount.

She said their prices were fairly reasonable compared to other tombs she had seen before she enlisted their services.

The delivery date came and went and twenty one months later she had no tombstone to show for her money.

"I have patiently rang Jacques and Annetjie Brown the owners of Vyfters Grafstene to inquire about the tombstone and only received empty promises,"

She visited their offices many times and could only speak to their salesman who has always all been by himself until they moved to Ondertespoort without telling me or leaving a forwarding address, said Bopape.

"I have for the whole of October trying to phone this place and lo and behold it gives a fax tone all the time," she said.

She went to a police station in her neighbourhood, but was told hers was a civil claim and could only pursue it through civil courts.

"I don't think I have to go that route, I don't have money to do so and I will be a lengthy and tiresome process," Bopape said.

It took two weeks for Vyfster Grafstene Tombstone to put up their stone after Consumer Line intervention.

Jacques Brown said they could not erect her mother's tombstone because they could not locate her file.

Brown then promised to construct it a week later, but this never happened.

Consumer Line requested Brown to consider to re-imburse Bopape but they opted to deliver the stone which Bopape found revolting.

She suspects they took someone else's tombstone and attached her mother's headstone to appease her.

"I froze in utter shock when I could not recognize the image in my mother's tomb. It's not my mother at all. I don't know the man inscribed on it," cried Bopape.

Brown has not explained how and why they delivered the alleged hateful tomb and if he would rectify the mistake or not.