Killing unarmed suspects is not being tough

WHAT does it mean to be tough on crime? I believe it is arresting suspected criminals and ensuring they account for their deeds in court.

In cases where suspects resist arrest, reasonable restraining measures should be taken. So the main objective of the police is to arrest suspects and bring them to book.

After arrest the judiciary decides on their innocence or guilt, correctional services rehabilitate the guilty parties and keep them in custody for a period set by the courts.

There would be no need for the judiciary if unarmed suspects are murdered by the police. In fact, killing unarmed suspects is not being tough on crime but is tantamount to declaring martial law.

A crucial detail that made the June 16 1976 brutality reach international media was that many kids were shot in the back with live ammunition. Now our police have decided that similar action will suit us in this day and age.

In heist situations where criminals are shooting at police it is understandable that police return fire.

Rodney King was assaulted with batons by police in the US on March 3 1991. This resulted in immense public outcry against police brutality worldwide and riots in the US.

On home soil Kgothatso Ndabe and Olga Kekana were brutally murdered by police and instead of condemning them our leaders are spinning their "shoot to kill" statements.

We cannot build a caring society if the custodians of our safety are killing citizens unjustifiably.

It would be best if President Jacob Zuma denounced the "shoot to kill" call.

Tebogo Ditshego, Kagiso