Falcon boss quits after racism saga rocks Sun City

THE chief executive of beleaguered Falcon Security Ben Burger has resigned.

THE chief executive of beleaguered Falcon Security Ben Burger has resigned.

Burger resigned yesterday following two weeks of outrage over a racist version of the national anthem played at a staff function at Sun City.

In the offensive version, former president Nelson Mandela was called a ka....

Last week Cosatu marched to the resort demanding that Sun City fire the security company.

"I have never made myself guilty of any form of racism, which made taking this decision very difficult," Burger said yesterday. "However, I have to think of the employees of the company and Falcon's future.

"It has become clear to me that, particularly from the labour unions' side, I am regarded to be part of the problem," he said.

Burger was also a director of Falcon.

The hotel's security manager Warren Alberts was also suspended, while his colleague Francois Roberts was fired for playing the offensive CD.

Burger was arrested and charged with crimen injuria. He is out on R1500 bail and is due to appear in court again next month.

Cosatu's regional representative in the North West, Solly Phetoe, said Sun International missed the deadline to respond to the demands contained in the memorandum they handed in last week.

Cosatu said Sun City management was threatening to dismiss some of the workers who took part in the march.

"Dismissal of our workers will result in a total stoppage in the whole of Sun City very soon. We will fight to defend our members against any exploitation, including undermining our unions," Cosatu said.

Cosatu also said it was "worried by the slow response" from Sun International.

The union had given Sun International until November 2 to respond.

The memorandum called for Sun City to terminate its contract with Falcon, a security company at the resort.

Sue Clarke, who speaks for Sun International, said it was Burger's own decision to resign.