Africa is behind with knowledge

WHO would disagree that much of reference to Africa has focused on the continent's natural wealth and less on knowledge production.

Africa is a consumer of knowledge, especially from the West. Africa doesn't produce knowledge.

How do we expect to progress as a continent when we are consumers of knowledge?

None of the mainstream media outlets addresses this critical issue. They give themselves columns in which they write about issues that are almost invariably of no benefit to the people.

The same can be said about the electronic media. Let us for example take the Aids issue. Those who proffered a different view from that of the major Western pharmaceutical companies were labelled dissidents and denialists.

But they were making a lot of sense. The Aids orthodoxy tells us that they are trying to come up with an Aids vaccine. But the vaccines are not working, since human beings have their natural immunity.

HIV is retrovirus as it replicates. Other scientists have said that HIV is a recombinant virus.

The history of the Aids disease is so controversial that it cries out for a scientific investigation and a different approach. Could HIV be airborne? Could it spread through saliva?

Why does Aids orthodoxy restrict the route of transmission to sexual transmission and to a lesser extent blood-borne? We need visionary leadership and not the type that imbibes Western bull and regurgitates it.

Sam Ditshego, Kagiso