Racism is not acceptable in our democracy

I FIND it worrisome and unacceptable that to date we still have people, particularly whites, who do not want to accept the democratic changes that have taken place since we voted for a democratic government in 1994.

I think we don't have a specific law that deals with people who continue to perform racist acts and insults towards black people or white people.

A racist remark will remain a racist remark and therefore not acceptable in our democracy.

I say this given the recent two situations that one could allude to, the so-called Reitz Four at the University of the Free State and the insults by Sun City security personnel. The law should take its course.

The so-called Reitz Four should answer for their silly and inhuman actions and the security personnel should be next.

We are not going to allow our country to become a country of apologies. Each time someone will apologise knowing very well that his actions are not acceptable.

Our country is respected worldwide. We have one of the best constitutions in the world, and for your information, seated wherever you are as a racist, we will never go back. We will never be the dark country we used to be, whether you like or not.

I therefore support Cosatu in North West to have these people weeded out of our society.

We fought hard for this democracy and some of us are disabled, while some have lost their lives to see this country where it is today. Our freedom and democracy cannot be trampled on by hard nuts who do not want to change.

Patrick Morathi, Mothotlung