ANOTHER young man has died and his mother hospitalised with serious gunshot wounds after policemen allegedly fired at them at their home in Thembisa, Ekurhuleni.

Temba, 20, was shot in the chest. His mother Johanna Sibanyoni, 59, was shot in the left shoulder and hip. She is recovering in hospital.

Sibanyoni said she cannot believe that her son died at the hands of people who are supposed to protect him.

She said after the police realised what they had done, they turned around and accused her of disarming a police officer and shooting her own son.

"I am still struggling to come to terms with my son's death. His girlfriend had visited for the weekend with her nine-month-old baby. She left the child on Sunday afternoon and returned at about 9pm claiming that she went to see her boss," she said.

"My son was angry about that and asked her to leave the house but instead she left her bags behind and went to the police station. We were sleeping when she came back with police at about 2am on Monday, accusing my son of assaulting her."

Sibanyoni said she explained to the police what had happened but they would not listen.

"There were three police officers and one of them was very rude. I asked the girlfriend to take her bags and leave because my son never touched her. While she was busy picking up her bags my son asked her to leave the clothes he bought her. But when he tried to take the clothes the rude officer slapped him and he fell. I stood in front of him to stop the cop from hitting my son again and to my surprise he fired a shot between my legs."

Sibanyoni said she told her son to come with her to the police station to report the matter but the police insisted they go in the police van. When they refused the cop started dragging her son to the van.

"I tried to stop him, the next thing I heard were three gun shots and my son collapsed."

Captain Lesibana Molokomme said the girlfriend came to the police to ask them to accompany her to fetch her bags at her boyfriend's house.

"When the police arrived at the house the boy was violent," he said.

An inquest and attempted murder case has been opened.