DJ Black Coffee spins a good turn

DJ BLACK Coffee, real name Nkosinathi Maphumulo, has not let his disability stand in the way of his ambitions.

The internationally acclaimed disc jockey was hit by a car when he was 13 and lost the use of his left arm. But instead of letting that change his life, he has made the best of the situation.

"I accepted that I had only one hand and had to find a way to live with that," he said yesterday.

"I am not sure if it was because the accident happened when I was young but it never affected me mentally or physically. The accident made me appreciate that there is lots a person can do with one arm," he said.

"Being disabled is a challenge but it's a challenge that a person can overcome. I did it and I know people who have achieved so many things in life yet they cannot walk.

"All it takes is acceptance and learning to live with that disability."

November is disability month. In a bid to create awareness the popular DJ announced this week that he has established the DJ Black Coffee Foundation.

He will use his name to raise funds for disabled people. The foundation will also provide wheelchairs and musical instruments to schools for the disabled.

Maphumulo, 33, said: "I had this idea in 2007 . This year I decided that this was it. I now have time on my side and have established myself . The foundation is my way of giving back to those who are physically challenged."