Support for Jansen slammed

Anna Majavu

Anna Majavu

MEMBERS of a Facebook group named "Jansen is a sellout" have lambasted ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema for supporting University of Free State vice-chancellor Jonathan Jansen.

Last week Malema came out in support of Jansen, saying "he cannot be thrown to the enemies because he is one of our own".

This after Jansen had announced that he would allow the white students - who had made black workers eat food that was urinated on - to return to the campus after they were suspended two years ago.

Some commentators who had expected Malema to spit fire against Jansen commended him for his "maturity" in handling the Reitz four matter.

However, members of the "Jansen is a sellout" social network are not impressed with Malema.

Writing on facebook, Lucky Smith said: "If Malema is growing up, this is the wrong time. Deal with Jansen first then grow up."