SA cops are xenophobic, says victim

SANDRINO du Pont, whose vehicle was allegedly hit by a "speeding" vehicle driven by a member of President Jacob Zuma's VIP unit in Nelspruit at the weekend, is very angry.

Du Pont, 35, from Manzini in Swaziland, says South African police showed him the worst kind of xenophobia after a top cop at the Nelspruit police station ordered his arrest.

His car was allegedly hit by a black VIP unit Jeep that beat a red robot in Nelspruit on Saturday.

He claims Nelspruit police completely ignored him when he went to report the accident and instead "concentrated on the driver of the offending vehicle when they realised he was a member of Zuma's VIP unit".

Du Pont says a cop arrived at the station and asked "if I was the one who had the guts" to get involved in an accident with a vehicle belonging to the president's body guards.

"I had been talking to members of the VIP unit," Du Pont says. "He seemed a senior officer. He pushed everyone around and ordered my arrest because I was from Swaziland.

"The cop said 'arrest him. Lock him up. He's a foreigner. How can he come and do sh.t here?'"

He says when he tried to open a case against the VIP unit member the police refused to take his statement.

Nelspruit's Inspector Dawie Pretorius confirmed that no statement had been taken but refused to comment on whether a senior officer had ordered Du Pont's arrest.