Crime stats cops probed

ELEVEN Mountain Rise police station officers have as of today been moved to the provincial commissioner's office to facilitate investigations into allegations of cooking crime statistics.

Mountain Rise in KwaZulu-Natal is among the police stations that have been praised for bringing crime down. But it later found itself on the wrong side of the law on suspicion of cooking crime statistics.

After crime statistics were released in October, this year, it emerged that the station had failed to include 147 crimes in its crime statistics report.

Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa told Parliament that it was suspected that another 253 dossiers were also not registered on the central database of the police.

Provincial police director Phindile Radebe said after notices of intended suspension or transfer were served on the 11 officers, acting provincial commissioner Bongani Ntanjana received representations from the officers stating why they should not be suspended or transferred.

"After taking into consideration the reasons advanced by individual members, provincial management has decided to move all 11 from the station while the allegations are still being probed," Radebe said.