Matriculants need our full support

ACCORDING to reports more than 700000 jobs were lost last year due to the recession and the most affected areas are mining and the retail sector.

Statistics show that these two sectors are popular because they recruit matriculants. Because of the recession this will probably not happen next year.

The Minister of Basic Education announced that 620168 matriculants are sitting for their final exams. These pupils have to pursue their studies in order to compete in the current market.

In fact, matriculants should develop an entrepreneurship mentality and a huge appetite to work for themselves. Unfortunately there are casualties in every exam.

On the other hand Eskom wants a 45percent price hike every year for three years. the next three years. If Eskom gets away with this the affected sectors are unlikely to consider employing additional labourers owing to the likely operational costs increase.

Come January and tertiary institutions are going to increase tuition fees. Like any other commodity, books are no longer cheap. All these factors make the road to tertiary education difficult to travel.

What bothers me is that the current situation implies that those who fail matric and those who cannot afford the fees will have to compete with the 700000 recently unemployed for the few available jobs in the market.

I challenge all of us, public and private sector included, to assist those who pass matric this year to enrol for tertiary studies.

As a way of encouraging matrics, let the government pledge bursaries to all matriculants who qualify for university and college admission.

Good luck to all matriculants.

Richard Rambiyana, Masisi