ANC critics give me much hope

IT HAS been interesting observing reactions to statements made by ANC president Jacob Zuma earlier this week in Limpopo when he stated his conviction that Julius Malema could someday lead the ANC.

Malema critics far and wide, as expected, were quick to flood the media with their discontent at Zuma's opinion. Their discomfort stemmed mainly from the notion that President Zuma's statement implied, by extension, the possibility of Malema someday becoming president of South Africa.

Instead of bearing resentment to this line of criticism, it delights me as an ANC member and this is why: Assuming that the average minimum age of a president of the ANC is 55, then Zuma is saying that Malema could potentially lead the ANC for the next 22 years.

Now if critics fear that Malema leading the ANC then will by extension put him in a position to lead South Africa, then they are in effect affirming that the ANC will continue to govern the country for the next 22 years. Now this inspires me.

These same critics predicted doom at the prospect of Zuma becoming president of South Africa, but today even our biggest critic, Desmond Tutu, has told his American friends that Zuma is doing well as president and the country is safe.

If Malema's age versus his accomplishments is anything to go by, the vibrant youth leader of the ANC will have matured both politically and otherwise to potentially lead the ANC, and impliedly our beloved country. Thank you critics once again for affirming the future of the ANC.

Eddie Gaffane, Midrand