Schools need all our help

THE 2009 year is coming to an end and things are getting hectic in schools.

The exams are around the corner for most pupils.

Throughout the year, there has been a lot of scepticism. And criticism was levelled against the educators - including their alleged lack of commitment, dedication and generally that they did not show an interest in the teaching profession.

I give teachers the benefit of the doubt. I still think that they are doing their level best to perform their educational tasks despite all the challenges they are faced with daily.

As a community member, a parent or a guardian, which role did you play this year to improve the condition of education in your school? As a proud parent and a member of the school governing body, what have you done to help the teachers and their pupils?

How many times did you remain silent, and did you alert the police when you noticed that there was a gang of thugs who were planning to break into school premises to steal its property?

How many times have you turned a blind eye when you knew there was a devil within your community who was selling illicit and life-ending drugs to schoolchildren?

It's not the responsibility of teachers alone to improve education at schools, but it's a collective effort that needs both you and me.

You too can play a part in making sure that the school environment is much safer and conducive to education.

Joshua Ramoshaba, GaModjadji