We are our own worst enemies

I HAVE been diagnosed with depression.

I HAVE been diagnosed with depression.

A few weeks after being referred to a psychologist I prepared to return to work on Monday.

I did not bargain for the most horrifying news as my bundle of Sunday newspapers was delivered at my house.

Shadi Rapitso, a young, dark, aspirant journalist I met in the early 2000s at the Sowetan offices in Industria, had been brutally stabbed to death. She died in the flat of a neighbour who is supposed to have had a crush on her - a stalker to be precise.

Her body was covered in both her and the assailants blood after he also tried to commit suicide by stabbing himself as well.

He was admitted to hospital and I sincerely hope he fully recovers to realise and take responsibility for his actions.

Nobody deserves to die like this, irrespective of whatever crime they might have committed. The science of nature has turned against humanity. Our corrupt and conscienceless way of life has ensured that we become our own worst enemies.

Where is the respect for human life?

Where is the dignity and the pride and the gratitude of living gone to?

We have the sacredness and the privilege to live.Collectively, we have been turned into the worst monsters, the cold blooded butchers of our own flesh and blood.

What has turned human beings into shameless predators, the most efficient killing machines? Are we on some mission to revolt against anything that is Godly?

Death and dying seem to be the order of the day. Cemeteries are spilling over with the corpses of our people, either as bullet riddled victims of crime or lifeless bodies filled with all sorts of toxic drugs.

Some die from incurable infections, children die from starvation and abuse and diseases. Elders perish from neglect and loneliness and deprivation.

Racism is rife, hatred and greed and corruption far outweigh the noble benefits of ubuntu and compassion and equality.

Humans are mobile instruments of causing sustained trauma, stress, destruction, oppression, exploitation and death. Our souls have been sold to the ruthless devil.

As I lay my conflict ridden, infected and trembling body to rest I fear for the wellbeing of the generations to come.

My battered mind is rattled by the unthinkable reality that my precious life and yours is cheap. It can be taken away by a hand that is supposed to be helping.

Life has become meaningless and the pride and honour of belonging to the human race is gone forever. Oh Lord, why Lord?