Prof Jansen will never ever be Madiba

IF THE four former infamous University of Free State students were black and committed the same sin against adult whites, would Professor Jonathan Jansen have dropped the charges and invited them back to complete their degrees?

If they were black, UFS would not have dropped the charges. And Jansen knows that. Does this mean there will never be justice for black South Africans?

Dropping the charges is a miscarriage of justice. Thank heavens the debate continues despite the stance by UFS .

Jansen is allowing the four to get away with murder in the name of reconciliation. Reconciliation my foot: the youngsters must account for their unpalatable action.

Jansen has rightly said the challenge of racism faced by the institution won't be solved by the courts. B y the same token, dropping charges won't solve its racism challenge. But if UFS lets the law take its course, the court may bring justice.

According to media reports, the victims were not consulted about dropping the charges and re-instating the four. Also, the victims are unhappy with Jansen's ill-advised reconciliation move. And it seems he doesn't give a hoot how the victims feel.

Jansen has said that nothing, or no one, will change his mind. Is he stubborn or controversial? It is clear that his stand is not about reconciliation or the victims, but about him. How sad.

It appears he wants to be seen as a Nelson Mandela reincarnation with his misguided reconciliation. That's okay. But he should not do that at the expense of other people, especially blacks. And he must be told that he'll never be Mandela.

Thabile Mange, Kagiso