WITH bonuses and the festive season approaching, many people will be revamping their homes for a fresher look.

There is no easier way to do that than to repaint walls and splash some colour around.

Runways and driveways have long been the inspirational source for home furnishings and decorating colour choices. The autumn 2009 runway has defined things to come. We've seen a mix rather than match of colours. This trend has been transferred to rooms.

Decor artist Mark Rodney of Crane Interiors, says over the next two years, we'll see unexpected colour combinations surfacing everywhere in home décor - on walls, furniture and accessories.

"We're talking about mixing punchy colours inspired by the French, Arabic and African influences of Morocco and Tunisia. Shades that you wouldn't ordinarily think of putting together, but actually complement each other well," says Rodney.

Anne Roselt, colour manager at Plascon, provides some pointers on colour trends this summer.

Roselt confirms that the forecast draws its energy and inspiration from the many faces of the African continent.

"From the pulsating energy of a stadium of colour-coded soccer fans to the glory of a sky ablaze with an African sunset, from the myriad tones in a hand-woven tapestry to the richly-dyed prints of bold head wraps, this is a spectrum of colour that will bring the diversity and splendour of Africa and her people into homes," Roselt says.

She adds that this festive season we are going blue with colours of the ocean.

"From deep blue to pale turquoise - the inspirational, refreshing, relaxing and serene colours of blue are going to be big news. Colours include sapphire, Mamello and Oceanos, all from the Northern Exotica palette, which is awash with blues and whites inspired by the French, Arabic and African influences of Morocco and Tunisia."

Roselt advises people to complement blue with orange. It's energy, creativity, friendliness and vibrant qualities will be welcoming.

"Also look at colours such as Sahara Wind and Rich Amber. Orange is perfect for a kitchen. It is warm, sociable and creative. Use complementary colours, such as blue and orange, to create warmth, interest and depth.

"Purples, which have been very popular in winter, will continue into summer, but softer lilacs rather than darker purples," she says.

Colours include Gypsy Purple and Moonlit Path.

Roselt adds that naturals never go out of fashion and will still be around with the combinations of neutral and green. Look out for Cement Wash, Mallorca, Mohala and Ivory Parchment.