Land should be shared among all

ONE thing that almost everyone across the political spectrum can agree on is that the land should be shared among those who work it.

There is no doubt that politically South Africa has truly become a rainbow nation that boasts a progressive and democratic Constitution, which reflects the vision of a state that is based on the will of all the people.

But when we probe the political fabric of our rainbow nation a different social and economic picture emerges that is contrary to who we are as a nation.

This picture reveals a society that is still grappling with the effects of racism, poverty, crime and underdevelopment.

So we must tackle the issue of land reform and rural development, equal participation in agriculture and its entire value chain as well as vigorously strive towards true empowerment of all South Africans.

We must acknowledge that true democracy comes from the economic possibilities that land reform and agricultural participation have in improving the lives of ordinary South Africans.

We must, as stated in our Constitution, acknowledge the wrongs of the past and work diligently towards addressing them, together, as South Africans.

Our Freedom Charter declares that the people will share in the wealth of our country.

In pursuit of this vision South African citizens have to engage with the government with regard to social issues, keep government officials on their toes and remind them of the promises they have made.

Tshepo Diale, GaRankuwa