Grandma still destitute

THE Department of Home Affairs has not kept its promise after committing itself to help an elderly, destitute Hammarsdale woman.

Celani Sishi, 77, continues to beg from her neighbours because she does not have an identity document to gain a pension grant.

This is despite Sishi having become a regular at the offices of the Department of Home Affairs in Pinetown.

She lost her ID document when her house burnt down several years ago.

Community members from her area have given up on transporting her to Home Affairs as she always comes back empty-handed.

"I am always telling them I will get sorted out," Sishi said.

Home Affairs officials said recently they would ensure that Sishi's matter is attended to as soon as possible. That was on October 6 when Sowetan reported about Sishi's living conditions.

But, to date Sishi is still knocking on her neighbours' doors and asking for handouts in order to survive.

"My routine never changes. I either eat what I have left over from the night before from begging, or go and ask my neighbours for some food.

"Pride will not fill my stomach."