Corruption must be firmlydealt with

THE manner in which corruption is dealt with in our country leaves much to be desired. Every week history repeats itself as scandals pile up without any action being taken whatsoever.

What message does this send to the public? The message that corruption is acceptable.

If you look closely you will realise that recent protests stem from the government's detachment from the needs of citizens and the billions of rands being lost due to corruption.

Our government cannot even afford to provide financial assistance in the recent energy crisis. Eskom will now increase its tariffs by 150 percent after already increasing prices astronomically.

Corruption and aloof leadership also influence our morality as a nation. Kickbacks will become the norm and at the end of the day we might be faced with civil unrest.

In a country rated the most unequal in the world we should clamp down on corruption and distribute state funds wisely.

The main objective of enforcing the law is to punish individuals who break the law. This punishment should serve to discourage future criminal behaviour.

If there is no punishment what will discourage future criminal behaviour? Who will report corruption when they know nothing will happen to the culprits?

If our government fails to decisively punish corrupt individuals it is actually encouraging corrupt behaviour. Moreover, if culprits are not punished our government will not be in a moral position to preach anti-corruption rhetoric.

The "corruption virus," can never be cured until the creator of the vaccine cures him-herself.

Tebogo Ditshego, Kagiso