Honest healersgo cyber

TRADITIONAL healers are using modern technology to regulate their industry.

KwaZulu-Natal traditional healer Keletso "Bhingo" Pekile has designed a website to network with others in his field and isolate bogus operators.

Pekile said the SA Traditional Healers Forum website aims to ensure that people have a thorough understanding of the real practice of traditional medicine.

"I want to unite leaders in the field and take SA traditional healers to the world," he said.

He also wants traditional healers and people with similar interests to interact and exchange ideas and showcase their expertise.

Pekile said the website would also assist them in dealing with bogus healers.

"Even those interested in naming and shaming pseudo-healers who are unethical must use the site," he said.

It is no secret that the field of traditional healers has been dealt a serious blow by phoney healers.

"And the government is not doing enough to bring this to a halt," Pekile said.

He said the field was infested with people who had gone as far as claiming powers that did not exist.

"As healers we should be against any abuse of traditional healing.

"And this website can be accessed by members of the public to see who is doing what, when and how," Pekile said.

He said the public would not only view the content of the web but also put their contributions on relevant issues.

"As the webmaster, I will monitor this web to see that it upholds its aim, which is to empower and bring dignity to the art of traditional healing," Pekile said.

He said experts on traditional culture and customary law would also play a vital role in contributing to this forum.

Log on to www.network54.com/forum/613950