Help kids to learn and grow

PLAYING is serious business for children, writes Nawhal Kara.

PLAYING is serious business for children, writes Nawhal Kara.

This is because sound early childhood development without toys, creative games and love-filled nurturing is a pipe dream, according to the Gauteng department of education's ECD Institute, which has been established to coordinate and integrate ECD services.

Here are some early learning and development ideas for parents and caregivers:

l A child's own language should be used as often as possible, particularly when sharing vital information so as not to confuse them;

l Avoid belittling children. They need encouragement and motivation as often as possible;

l While discipline is constantly needed, it should be constructive and age-appropriate at all times;

l Young children need a variety of toys and playing materials, both inside and outside their homes, for stimulation;

l Children need the full attention of adults when they are communicating ideas because this builds self-confidence;

l Young children learn best by playing, therefor they should be allowed to actively play as often as possible, preferably in a safe environment; and

l Verbal and physical cues should be provided if children are expected to learn and grow.