Blacks must stop being afraid of the AWB

IN RESPONSE to Redi Direko's article on the AWB, (Sowetan, October 16 ), I think the reason why we blacks are still afraid of the AWB is that they still have power.

Most of them still own large tracts of land and we won't get it back. That is power.

They always take out their anger on poor black people and the justice system fails us most of the time because the AWB are also judges. That is power. They still control most of our economy. That is power.

When we voted in 1994 it was a process of negotiation that did not win us our land back

I call it a political settlement rather than liberation.

We lost a lot when we agreed to take only political power and not land and economic power. But if they keep doing the apartheid stuff they will one day regret it because we still have many angry black people who are not benefiting from the new political dispensation.

The AWB should just feel lucky they still own our land. They must stop being disrespectful to the poor landless majority.

I promise they will regret it one day, so don't be afraid of them. This is our fatherland.

They won't win.

Thuso Modubu, Vorna Valley