ANC, SACP have sold out the poor

I HAVE painfully come to the realisation that our glorious movement, the ANC, lacks the commitment and passion to radically transform our society.

Our leadership constantly works outside the mandate they have been assigned with. It unilaterally imposes policies that must have the blessing of Western donors.

I fail to comprehend why my people are still sandwiched in tin shacks after 15 years of freedom and all our revolutionary leaders have accumulated many zeroes in their bank balances.

I might be a populist, but I wonder why the likes of Thembisile Mini, Solomon Mahlangu, Simphiwe Mthimkhulu and other martyrs, who laid down their lives so that my people could be free, even bothered. I can bet my life that they are not happy that their glorious movement has become a bourgeois political party.

To make matters worse the vanguard of the working class, the champion of the poor, the party of selfless revolutionaries that changed the character of the ANC, that distinguished the ANC from other national freedom formations, has compromised its stance. They are part of a government that is apologetic about the radical transformation of my peoples' lives. They make a noise, they get Cabinet posts and lucrative positions and they keep quiet.

What is the SACP's secretary-general secretary and his deputy doing in a government that is not working-class biased. The leadership of the working class is in Parliament enjoying the fruits of freedom. I give up on the WaBenzi.

Xola Toba, Mdantsane