Jansen ignored the victims

I'M BAFFLED by what really motivated Professor Jonathan Jansen to act the way he did.

I'M BAFFLED by what really motivated Professor Jonathan Jansen to act the way he did.

I want to know if he came to his decision because the matter concerned a couple of domestic workers who had nothing to lose or because Peter is paying the piper? What is in this for the three ladies?

I think the University of the Free State (UFS) should do the following for reparation:

l Commit to educate the children of the women up to tertiary level.

l Commit that this will never happen on their premises again.

l Commit to restoring the dignity of the women, and

l Apologise to black people for this insult to their kind.

Funny that Jansen is extending an olive branch to the students, but nothing has been offered to the victims.

What does he think of the humiliation they have suffered and will still suffer for a very long time? Why is he expecting them to reconcile when their dignity was trampled upon?

Why is it always black people who must reconcile? White communities teach their children unbecoming manners all the time, but black people have to drive reconciliation even when their very being is being compromised.

Who is Jansen to decide for the victims? Is this why he got the job? Is he trying to be different by burying his head in the sand and expecting others to do likewise?

Was this his mandate when he was appointed? I really have a lot more questions and even my 14-year-old daughter was surprised. She too did not understand the merits of Jansen's outcome. She kept asking how the ladies would live with this and how their children would survive this humiliation throughout their lives?

The children will suffer for the rest of their lives and only empowerment through education will redeem them.

Simon Mathope, Gauteng