State should act on audits

AUDITOR-general Terence Nombembe has just concluded his audits on government departments and municipalities.

Though Nombembe did not reveal the names of the municipalities and department that performed dismally, the fact that the government has audits that paint a bleak future is cause for concern.

Nombembe has been giving municipalities and departments unqualified audits since time immemorial and the government continues to sit on these reports without taking drastic steps to rectify the situation.

Every year the country witnesses communities revolting due to lack of service delivery and what does the government do? They simply shift the blame to a "third force".

The government seems to blame everyone but itself.

Until the government acts decisively on the attorney-general's audits, the situation will go from bad to worse.

The reports seem to gather dust, as no one seems to ever bother about their contents.

Municipalities have been specifically fingered for employing less than qualified chief financial officers, hence the common occurrence of under-spending and in some instances public funds being unaccounted for.

Let's hope the new administration will step in and take the A-G's report seriously and then act on it because it raises some serious questions about the conduct of public servants and also the abuse of state funds.

Kiekie Mboweni, Nkowankowa