Police call was careless

THE death of Olga Kekana remains one of the most disgusting examples of police brutality, incompetence and politicians making statements without understanding how these could be taken to heart by incompetent and stupid police.

Nathi Mthethwa and Bheki Cele are on record supporting a "shoot to kill" policy by the police. While such a call is understandable in a country suffering from such high levels of crime, the complete, utter insensitivity of these two dimwits (and their Commander in Chief) is galling.

As soon as this call was made, we all suspected that something like this would happen. It happened in Randpark Ridge when an owner - who had fired (stupidly, I admit) at plain-clothes policemen breaking into his home - had to endure automatic fire at his home, putting his family in danger.

These two dimwits failed to comment then, but as soon as a brave policeman was mowed down by a criminal after giving him a chance to put down his firearm, the two dimwits came back and renewed their call, again without due consideration of this kind of behaviour.

While we do not know the full facts of what happened, it is hard to imagine that:

l The police did not consider the possibility that the hijack victim could have still been in the car. Even if they received a call that the hijack victim was safe, there is always the possibility of innocent victims taken as hostages. Did the cops consider this?

l If they believed that their actions were justified, why run away and not effect an arrest and let the law take its course?

l Even if the cops felt that the shooting was unavoidable, why not shoot at the tyres?

l Was there any danger to the police, which outweighed their reaction?

I will be happy to support Olga Kekana's family with a law suit against the Police Commissioner, Minister of Police and President of South Africa for their words which clearly encouraged the behaviour of these thugs.

It is time politicians become aware that their rhetoric does find some people with little intelligence to ignore them.

If Mthethwa cared so much about the police, he would have stayed at a Holiday Inn or a B&B and used the money he spent at the Table Bay Hotel to buy proper vests for the police.

Indeed, Zuma's Cabinet could have bought motor plans instead of buying BMW 750is with the latest gadgets.

If you came to power because 65percent of the population wanted you to make their life better, why hide in bullet-proof cars?

Those who support these action can only be white people who are unlikely to be mistaken for a criminal of hijacker.

Len Andasini, Banbury Cross