BATTLE lines have been drawn between Moroka Swallows' minority shareholders and major shareholder Dieter Bock and CEO Leon Prins.

The troubled club's problems do not seem to be just on the field of play, but evidently off it as well, with revelations that the club's minority shareholders' forum, with only a 16percent stake in the club, has passed a vote of no confidence in Prins and Bock.

The forum's chief executive, Charles Makhubu, said: "I would like to make it clear that we have no problem with having a majority shareholder, whether he is from Germany or not. But the problem is that he does not even bother meeting the other stakeholders. It is a mission to meet Bock."

He said the running of the club leaves a lot to be desired.

"Since the two started running the club we have seen our football style changed and diluted and this is not the Swallows people fell in love with in the 70s and 80s and we want this club to be twice as big as it was back then," Makhubu said.

He also labelled Prins as arrogant.

"We wrote him a letter asking him to meet us today (on Tuesday) but he did not pitch up. He also thinks he knows everything about football, when unfortunately he knows absolutely nothing. That is one of the reasons we want him out, because we can't have him representing us at the PSL. We want Swallows to be run by somebody who has the club's best interests at heart," Makhubu said.

Prins brushed this off as an attempt by Makhubu to push his own agenda.

"It is absolutely ridiculous for them to think that they can take the club from us and run it. They haven't got the authority and the power to do it, because if they had they would be in charge right now," he said.

"It's ludicrous to say I don't have the team's best interests at heart when I gave 11 years of my life to the club. We are not happy to see the club where it is and we know that we have to turn things around.

"What Makhubu is conveniently forgetting is that he was involved with the club in the 90s when the team was in a really bad situation until we came in."

Prins also said claims he is arrogant are false. "I reject that notion with the contempt it deserves. I try to be polite and give them the time they deserve. I could not attend the meeting on Tuesday because I was attending (former coach) Julio Leal's hearing. I will try to explain all of this to the fans on Sunday."