Become a Mighty Mom, and speak in one voice

A MOVEMENT aimed at uniting moms and getting them to speak with one voice has been launched.

A MOVEMENT aimed at uniting moms and getting them to speak with one voice has been launched.

Established in May this year the Mighty Moms Movement already boasts more than 30000 members, with more mothers nationally and globally showing interest.

Philippa Robertson Smith, pictured, the founder of the movement, said the idea came after realising that the majority of mothers faced similar challenges and had no platform to share their problems.

The movement, Robertson Smith said, would serve as a platform for mothers to deal with the social ills facing the country.

Robertson Smith said with research showing that mothers were usually the ones who had to deal with social problems facing families, such as teenage pregnancies and substance abuse, the need for women to unite and speak with one voice was urgent.

"I have been a single mom most of my life, with very little support both emotionally and financially," she said.

"My children both ended up taking drugs and being rehabilitated. This led me to do research on issues that moms from all walks of life struggled with.

"The extent of an individual's struggle does not matter. We have to start supporting and lifting up one another."

"If all moms could unite a thousand voices might not mean much but can you imagine eight million? We will be able to e-mail restaurant chains and tell them if they are not putting laws in place to stop serving alcohol to our under-age kids.

"If a child goes missing, we can e-mail all the moms and ask them to look out for the child. Let us get back to the old saying 'It takes a village to bring up a child'," she said.

She said the movement would see mothers banding together and establishing common boundaries to help deal with the problems facing local teenagers.

Other issues discussed at the meetings, which are held on Saturdays, include legal advice, First Aid training, healthcare and financial advice.

The workshops are free and women who want to attend can go to the website to get the form.