Traders take to the streets

SOME traders at Durban's Warwick Junction Market will today march to the city hall to hand over a memorandum to the eThekwini municipality.

The traders will demand that development of the area and the building of a new mall be speeded up. The traders, now divided, had in the past held a number of protests in the city against the proposed development of Warwick Junction and the construction of a new mall.

The traders fear being removed from a place they have traded at for nearly 100 years and being relocated to an area further away. All the traders were initially against the new development and claimed it would cost them their livelihoods. Some of the traders have now changed their minds.

While one group of traders - which is for the development - would march to demand that construction be speeded up, another group is determined to stop the development.

Chairperson of the city working committee Nicholas Zondo said the march was aimed at getting the attention ofall the stakeholders, including the high court, which was looking at the matter.