Masetlha right about SACP

I CANNOT agree more with Billy Masetlha's comments about the tail wagging the dog.

The realism expounded in the article is undoubtedly shared by many senior ANC leaders in and outside the national executive committee. The recent push by the Cosatu/SACP axis for a socialist agenda within the ANC is crystal clear. It does not need one to be a rocket scientist to work this out. What is mind-boggling is the ANC's senior members' silence.

The vitriolic attack on Planning Minister Trevor Manuel is noted and disappointing. This is seen by Cosatu/SACP as an attempt at consolidation and advancement of the agenda of the 1996 class project.

Tito Mboweni was removed, kicking and screaming, as Reserve Bank governor and nobody in the ANC had the guts to stand up and defend him. Everyone in the ANC is so vanquished they cannot oppose what the Cosatu/SACP is doing.

There is a notable trend, manifested in the way people attack anything that has to do with Thabo Mbeki. Mbeki was deposed, partly for his attitude towards communist influence over the ANC. He maintained that the ANC is not there to drive the socialist agenda of the SACP. For that he earned the ire of Cosatu and the SACP.

The way the Cosatu/SACP axis has been successful in influencing the direction of the ANC, especially after Polokwane, it has made their long-cherished idea of contesting elections independently from the ANC redundant. It is doubtful if the axis will ever resuscitate the debate.

All senior members of the movement are aware of this but are not prepared to come forward and at least either confirm or repudiate what Masetlha is saying for fear of reprisals. Masetlha is right but he may not receive any support from his vanquished comrades. He will soon be walking a tightrope.

Rendani Magalanngwe, Limpopo