ANC member free to speak his mind

THE Young Communist League of South Africa has read and noted the utterances made by Billy Masethla, the national executive committee member and national working committee member of the ANC.

Firstly, the ANC has a multi-class character, so you will find communists and capitalists in the ANC both pursuing their ideals within the accepted framework of the party.

Also, the ANC is very democratic and united, without racism and exclusionism.

It was the same communists who defended Masethla when he was fired by then president Thabo Mbeki.

But there is nothing wrong with Masethla raising his personal views about the SACP and Cosatu.

The ANC is a broad church that he must understand. It allows everyone to participate as members. Its omnibus nature allows for the value of robust debates in the movement.

The ANC is all about a political struggle that united all of us, black and white, for the liberation of blacks in general and Africans in particular, who were oppressed by a racist minority apartheid capitalist regime, and to advance our country to a free and democratic society.

The SACP and Cosatu will continue to raise their policy pronouncement to influence decisions within ANC structures.

Let's focus on doing what is expected by the masses of our people because the working class and the poor are the ones who mandated the alliance in line with the ANC's manifesto.

Palesa Motshoene, Media Liaison Officer - YCL, Johannesburg