Not all labour brokers exploit workers

COSATU has called for labour brokers to be abolished in South Africa. This has triggered fears among labour consultants.

My view is that it is unfair to ban all labour brokers because some of them exploit workers.

If my memory serves me the same Cosatu had called on the government to create jobs.

But that call failed and labour brokers were the solution to the problem.

If Cosatu can come up with a workable solution to find employment for the jobless of South Africa it would help, but instead the labour federation is calling for the banning of labour brokers without providing any reasonable solutions at all.

Some labour brokers do exploit people and that is a fact, so the solution is to do away with the ones who exploit and to keep those who respect our government's policies.

Most of the people I know are working today because of labour brokers.

These people are able to put food on the table for their families.

I believe the government should view Cosatu's call with contempt.

One could argue that Cosatu is losing its members and is pushing to have labour brokers banned to attract new members

One could also argue that Cosatu has failed to call on retailers to stop employing workers on a casual basis rather than give them permanent job. Up to now nothing has happened.

Cosatu must first clean their own house before they call for the abolition of labour brokers.

Monde Hlebo, Gauteng